E-Punk – Crazy environmentalist shooting cars to save the planet;)

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‘E-Punk’ is available now on the appstore!

Take the role of the insane blood-thirsty eco-friendly, skating punk bunny. Defend your neighborhood against pollution by cleaning up the streets and blowing up polluting vehicles in a raging killing spree…

E-Punk is a fast paced dodging and shooting game with a simple goal – you need to collect as many garbage items as fast as possible while avoiding collision with street traffic. Along the way you also collect different power ups like shield and guns with which you can blow up the polluting vehicles and get more points. While the game might seem pretty simple with its single level and ramping difficulty, it really strikes that addictive balance of casual pick-up gameplay that makes you keep try it “just one more time”.

E-Punk innovative touch controls are simple and intuitive. The only control you have in the game is over your character’s moving and sliding around. To move just click anywhere on the screen and drag your finger and the character will accurately follow that path . Swiping your finger causes the bunny to slide in the direction of the swipe. All in all, the controls were designed exclusively for the iPhone and make it feel like a natural iPhone game.

The official trailer offers a glimpse of the action:

[youtube NDdKPmE-7UM]

There are 3 available game modes – Classic, Blitz and TimeBend. The Blitz is a “score as high as you can in under 1 minute” mode, A-la Bejeweled Blitz. TimeBend mode on the other hand is a brilliant twist on the game mechanics. In this mode the speed of all the surrounding vehicles increases or decreases based on your own character speed. The result is a mind bending and very unique gameplay that we found to be highly addictive.

The charming 3d art, which uses pre baked texture maps, is stylishly modern with a nostalgic isometric feel. You also have a choice of listening to the original hard rock soundtrack or to your own Music, and control the wacky voice talent that keeps shouting hilarious rude insults at the passing drivers (oy! you son of a nipple!)

Last but not least, 5% of all revenues will be donated to real eco causes, so you can actually SAVE the environment while blowing up cars.

We also released a web player version of the game using the help of our friend the Unity web player. We uploaded the game to GameJolt which is a great gaming portal with lots of great games! – The web version only includes the Classic mode of Eco-Punk – http://gamejolt.com/online/games/action/eco-punk/1547/

Help us generate some buzz on TouchArcade forums. Here is the official thread: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=44321

Enjoy the game and send us your feedback!

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