“Eco Punk is simply amazing in every aspect of the game. It’s also the most addicting game in the App Store, and that’s quite an achievement with so many other addicting games” AppAdvice.com

Featured by Apple under “Whats hot”, Eco Punk is another unique masterpiece by Nitako! Pick it up now at this sweet price!

Take the role of the eco-friendly blood-thirsty skateboarding punk bunny. Defend your neighborhood from pollution by cleaning up the streets and blowing up polluting vehicles in a raging killing spree… what what? BLOWING UP VEHICLES TO SAVE THE ENVIROMENT?!
Let this raging environmentalist blow you away with some REALLY AWESOME AVOIDANCE & SHOOTING ACTION.

There are 3 available game modes – Classic, Blitz and TimeBend. The Blitz is a “score as high as you can in under 1 minute” mode, A-la Bejeweled Blitz. TimeBend mode on the other hand is a brilliant twist on the game mechanics. In this mode the speed of all the surrounding vehicles increases or decreases based on your own character speed. The result is a mind bending and very unique gameplay that we found to be highly addictive.

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— Features —
✱ Highly original and addictive, pick-up-and-play action
✱ Intuitive and innovative touchpad controls, specially designed for the iPhone!
✱ 3 different & addictive gameplay modes
✱ Adjust control speed sensitivity
✱ Stunning stylish pre-baked isometric 3d art!
✱ One level that starts easy and becomes very hard a-la doodle jump , let’s see for how long can you survive!
✱ Rude and insulting voice talent, designed to make you ROFL.
✱ Original Hardcore rock soundtrack or Listen to your own music in game!
✱ 7 types of enemy vehicles!
✱ 4 types of power ups!
✱ Hippie motorcycle boss!
✱ Eco Punk is Open Feint enabled with high scores and achievements
✱ Tons of garbage to collect;)

Now let’s clean up these streets!